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Beyond the brand - a story, a symbol, a universe. The brand is first and foremost a narrative. Our films do not limit themselves to simply describing or arguing a case. They tell a story, captivate and win customers.

Bold stories

We write truly appealing stories. Our images are conveyed by credible and relevant storytelling. Quality sound and images, combined with a strong narrative hook, will bring together your public. produces high-impact films.


Who are your public and what type of story is likely to have an impact on them? identifies what will move, surprise, convince or make them dream. The story emerges from this intense immersion. Our films build a bridge between the brand and its audience because of their powerful narrative. They create closeness, give viewers a true experience and foster brand identification and attachment.

Synergy is part of a big family. We belong to the Actua Point Prod group whose editorial and film-making approach is recognized in both Switzerland and further afield. Our ranks are swelled by no fewer than 14 professions, all with the same creative streak. Freelance writer-filmmakers, chosen for their ability to produce strong and original content, join our dynamic team when required.

What if we would tell your story?

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